Booger for cake on table (bigeyedphish) wrote in thequestionclub,
Booger for cake on table

Let's say you have had your hair cut at the same salon, by the same hair dresser every couple months for a year (so maybe, max 5 or 6 times). You make an appointment and ask for your usual hairdresser but she is totally booked. You really need your hair cut so you ask if anyone else is available and they say yes and schedule your appointment.  You love the way the new girl cuts the hair as much as the usual hair dresser. Do you go back to the usual hair dresser, do you stick with the new one, or do you just ask for whichever is available?  I don't want to make my original hair dresser think I don't like her work, I do, but I also don't want the new hair dresser to think I hated what she did and am trying to avoid her. 

This is a stupid problem I'm sure.
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