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another one of those decide my life for me posts.

i have a class that's causing me a lot of stress. it's required for my intended major, but lately, i'm not even sure if i want to major in this subject. my depression is pretty bad this semester and i am just not motivated at all. it's taught by a new professor, and he's not a particularly great teacher. i find him difficult to follow, etc. the course was going to be offered next semester with a different professor, but it's since been cancelled so i can't take it then. this class is also required before i can take ANOTHER required class for my intended major.

if i drop the class now, i won't be penalized academically, but i won't be able to get a refund either. i'll also feel like a slacker, since i'm only taking 15 credit hours to begin with, but i'm struggling this semester and i don't really want to risk killing my gpa. :/

should i drop it?

what are you majoring in? is it what you originally planned on?
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