the_pyre (the_pyre) wrote in thequestionclub,

We recently came into some furniture, a hutch, dining table, and chairs. They mean a lot to my boyfriend because he grew up with them and his deceased mother picked them out. They are very nice, high quality pieces, but the thing is they are in a heavy 70's style and are pretty masculine looking. I can't refinish them, but my kitchen looks very dark and heavy.

How can I balance them out and make things look a little more modern?
My mother suggested some floral curtains, but I'm really not a fan of flowery prints at all.

I also can't paint here, so that makes things even more difficult.

Also, my uncle left me three signed Escher prints, and I'd like to display them somewhere, but that style really doesn't mesh well with what we have going on here. How can I mesh styles a bit?
I don't really have a specific style going on in the living room, it's pretty generic, I'm just afraid they'd look out of place.

Can you show me pictures of rooms you've put together?
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