Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,


I have 18 credits for this semester however, Im taking a voice and diction class that I dont really think I love. and I dont need it at all. So, Im probably going to drop it. so should I stay with a 15 credit load (which is perfectly fine) or maybe take an Intro to film class which is at 12pm MWF (without it I would be done @ 11) and then there's video watching monday and thursdays at 7pm (maybe everyother week)

A big part of all of these decisions are the people in the class. they are both theater classes, and even as a former actress I find myself fairly annoyed by the thespians on our campus, thus avoiding those classes. However, I have a friend or two in Voice and Diction but hate the class itself along with the students, and one of my friends may or may not be in this film class. I realize I so shouldnt base my college classes on what my friends are in but, this is really just extra credits for me...nothing important.

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