RoxAnne (sandrasolaria) wrote in thequestionclub,

 Do you do anything in your sleep that you don't remember later? I answer the phone in my sleep and then don't remember the call at all.  

Has someone recently gotten mad at you for no reason or for something that isn't your fault?

My gramma call me earlier (still Saturday) while I was asleep asking me to look up Willie Nelson ticket prices because she's buying some for my brother. I fell back asleep and didn't remember until my brother just beat on my door yelling that yesterday (Saturday) was the last day they could be purchased. 1) Not my fault my brother didn't look them up before he was at work yesterday. 2) They're still on sale and 3) My grandma doesn't have internet, so how was she going to buy them online for him anyway if there was a deadline? 

My brother is a moron and I am in a very bad mood now.

If you eat McDonald's but don't eat it very often, are you eating it more now for the Monopoly game? We've had it a few times since it started and I've won 2 free medium fries, a free flurry, and 2 3-month Club Pogo subscriptions.

If you do eat McD's, what do you normally get? I get the Filet O Fish or the Chicken Club for supper, and the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle for breakfast.

ETA: I tried to get my McD's to make me a BIg Mac with McChicken patties instead of hamburger, but they wouldn't :/ How good is yours at substituting things?
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