Stefanie (vidmaker_19) wrote in thequestionclub,

TV and movie opinions

I just have a couple of entertainment questions I want to know other people's opinions on:

What do you think of the show:
  • Rodney?
  • Ghost Whisperer?
  • Family Guy?
  • Futurama?

What do you think of the older show:
  • I Love Lucy?
  • Bewitched?
  • I Dream of Jeannie?
  • The Brady Bunch?
  • Gilligan's Island?

What do you think of the old shows, like the Honeymooners and Bewitched, being made into new movies?

Which show would you love/hate to see made into a movie? Why?

What do you think of all the remakes Hollywood is doing now? (Like King Kong, House of Wax, Guess Who (sort of), The Shaggy Dog, etc.)

Which movie do you think a sequel would be a horrible idea to? (For example, a sequel to Titanic would be really bad.)

Hate Rodney. It's horrible. My dad loves it. But it's horrible. If you haven't seen it, don't bother. Ghost Whisperer is alright, I like it because I can't get enough of ghost stories. But I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Family Guy I really like. Futurama, I like more than Family Guy.

Addicted to I Love Lucy. Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie are alright, but I don't really watch either one. My sister was crazy about the Brady Bunch when she was younger, so it was on all the time and I really can't stand it for too long anymore. Gilligan's Island was a cute concept, but it's something I only watch when there's nothing else to watch and nothing to do.

I liked how they did the Bewitched movie. I thought it was going to be them playing Samantha and Darren, but I liked that they were actors remaking the show. Haven't seen the Honeymooners, the movie or the show. Yours, Mine, and Ours could never be as funny as the original.

I couldn't begin to imagine how they would go with a sequel to Titanic. I saw the alternate ending, and wow! If they had left that in, it would've ruined the movie entirely. I think that the sequels to the older animated films (like Cinderella II and III) should be against the rules as most of them are pretty bad. It would probably be pretty bad if they did remakes of movies like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Edward Scissorhands, or It's a Wonderful Life There's actually a lot of movies that are such classics it would be a crime to remake them.

Thanks for answering, everyone! ;)

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