Lucy Davis (justcloseby) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lucy Davis

What do you do when someone expresses interest in applying to play a character in your RP, gets accepted, then flat out refuses to interact with anyone else, meeting the only bare minimum activity requirements so as not to get the boot come activity check time?

What do you do when, when you call them on it, they constantly avoid the question, either by changing the subject or flat out not responding?

What do you do when a formal mod warning emailed to them goes unresponded to, even they're online and you know it because you've been in chat with them for four hours?

I'm at my wits end because TECHNICALLY he's active, he's met the requirements, but RPing is about interaction, so I feel he's only adhering to the letter of the rule rather than the spirit. More importantly, he's dragging everyone else down, because a lot of their storylines are tied up with his character, who he is grimly hanging on to, yet refuses to play D:
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