Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, will you help me make a semi-serious decision about my girly health? 

Every month since July, I've gotten a Bartholin's gland cyst that has abscessed every time. The first month, I got it lanced and drained at the ER. The second month, I went to my gynecologist to have a word catheter inserted but the cyst was too small, so it was just drained. Last month, I had an attempted insertion with a word catheter but it only stayed in for 2.5 days (supposed to stay in 4-6 weeks). Two weeks later (this week), it is coming back.

I'm torn on what I should do about it. For one, I have missed a lot of school because of all the doctors appointments and surgeries. Clearly I can't keep doing that. I have two options at this point: go for the word catheter again, or have a surgery with anesthesia where they just use loose stitches. The word catheter needs to stay in 4-6 weeks and it is extremely painful for me because they have to blow  up the balloon all the way to get it to stay in (it fell out last time because it wasn't blown up enough). I'm talking too painful for me to go to class and sit in a hard desk--for the 2.5 days it was in last month, I couldn't do anything but lie in bed.
The other option is marsupialization. It seems like the better choice, but I've never had anesthesia or even laughing gas at the dentist, so I'm really nervous about that whole idea. It will also be a lot more expensive. But, after I'm done, I'm fairly certain I don't have anything to worry about as far as anything falling out--I just have stitches.

I can also just have it cut and drained this month, and wait until next month or whenever it chooses to come back again, just to get it taken care of. It is my boyfriend and I's anniversary on Monday, and we were planning on going 5 hours away next weekend. If I get the cyst just drained this time, I can have a good time and not have to be in pain or worry about anything. If I were to wait, or have any kind of surgery soon, I probably wouldn't be able to do anything. I know, kind of a lame reason, but we've been looking forward to it.

So tqc, what should I do? If you've had to deal with this before, please please feel free to give me input. This has been so stressful and I just want it to go away forever, and I don't even know if either of these procedures will guarantee that. :( :( 
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