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I recently lost eight pounds in a span of six days. I'm pretty chubby, but suddenly I lost all of my appetite. I don't know why. The thought of eating anything repulses me. I used to have a very healthy appetite until I returned to school for winter break. Now... one day I only had two pieces of toast, a cup of soy bean milk, and I tried super hard to end that day's meal with a cookie just because I barely ate anything, and it was so challenging. I felt like throwing up every second I chewed on the cookie. I can down some liquids as long as they're not carbonated. What's happening to me? Why am I all of a sudden not hungry? What's causing this? How can I stop feeling repulsed by food? I don't think it's some deep buried image problem. And now I'm so tired all the time and feel so faint, coz I guess I'm not getting enough to eat. I'm taking vitamins just in case.

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