Admiral Space Walrus (admiral_walrus) wrote in thequestionclub,
Admiral Space Walrus


1.) I have a visa gift card that has a remaining balance of $2.86 that I want to clear off. I never remember to use it in stores, and it's been sitting in my purse for months. Will you send me links of what I should buy with it?

The rules are:
- the total price of item + shipping can't exceed $2.86 [I'm in the US -- GA if it matters]
- the website must accept visa and I must be able to use a gift card on there

Funny/gross/random suggestions earn you 10 bonus points.

2.) What time did you wake up today?

3.) You get 1 hour in the body of someone else. You will have all of the resources available to them, you are that person (with your mind) for 1 hour, at the end of the hour you will pop back into your body/head with the memories of what you've done. Who's body do you take over? What do you spend that hour doing?

EDIT TO ADD: I have a debit card to my checking account, I've never used it. Since I've never used it I have no idea what the PIN should I find out what it is?
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