a person (mercuryisme) wrote in thequestionclub,
a person

the Soundtracks of our Lives

Lately I've been addicted to making playlists in iTunes. Questions:

1. Do you share the same addiction?

2. Do you think up clever names for your playlists? These are mine, and they mostly make sense only to me, but try to guess what they are:
- This playlist is dedicated to Terri Schiavo
- Luck be a lady
- Rock on emo kids
- Too hot to trot

3. How do you choose to separate yoour music into these lists? By genre, mood, type of makeup the artists wear?

4. Have you made the Soundtrack for your Life? I'm not done with mine, but feel free to post yours in a comment

5. Anything else you want to share about playlists, as I've forgotten my last question?

Here's my answers:

2. The first is an acoustic playlist. The music's unplugged, and so is she. I AM SO GOING TO HELL. But that's okay, because I'm fucking hilarious.
Next is my all female artist playlists
and Techno! Yay.

3. I kind of do genres, but my boyfriend has playlists of specific special days, which I think is neat.

Damn it's late.

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