Naols (adozenhawks) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC hypothetical:

A person talks to/texts you all the time in a flirty & friendly manner. You are pretty sure the attention they've been giving you lately is because they wanna bang you. You have no intentions of banging them. In fact, you are happily banging someone else (but few people know about it, you've both been keeping it on the d/l).

You talk to this guy/girl because you simply like them as a person. They're cool. The flirtyness continues and starts escalating. They keep asking why you turn down one on one hangout time. What do you do?

I mean, it's none of their business who you're fuckin', so do you bother telling them? And you don't want to just straight up say, "hey. I have no intention of sleeping with you. Ever. Sorry about that," because it's kind of rude. halpyouguys
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