jiffypopp (jiffypopp) wrote in thequestionclub,

so i am new here and i apologize if this type of question has been asked before/gets asked a lot but i had a weird dream so i'm curious

1. what is the last strange dream you had?
2. do you think dreams mean anything? if you do..
3. what do you think your dream meant?

I dreamt last night that I was shopping in some random department store with a male friend for cosmetics. we were putting them in a basket and the salesperson accused us of shoplifting so my boss irl showed up and took my purse and gave it to a woman who locked it up. she then realized we werent shoplifting, tried to give me a new free coach purse, and gave me the key to get mine back. then we left to the parking lot and my car was really really far away and a bunch of weird shit i can't remember happened on the way there.

sometimes i think dreams can mean things. sometimes i think its just what you were thinking about before bed.

i think this one has to do with the fact that my boyfriend thinks something is going on with the friend and i irl. even though nothing is. sort of like how someone thought we were shoplifting but really we werent? i don't know

ETA: sorry i didn't realize this had been posted earlier today! i read from my friends list and i must have missed it. mods feel free to delete if this isn't allowed, i figure since there have been some responses already i will just leave it up to you.
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