Hey starlet (freakshownia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hey starlet

Do you think it's disrespectful or even just odd to invite guests over, and then not get dressed/brush teeth and hair/etc? Assume you're not sick or otherwise incapable. I was taught that to not look nice (define as whatever you want), and not do things like put on makeup (if you do every day anyway and not just for special occasions, if you never wear it then it doesn't matter) is rude, as if you don't think your guests are worth putting the effort into. My husband on the other hand thinks the opposite and can't understand why I would want to look nice when people come over. I think that just because I know someone well enough to invite them over, it doesn't mean I'd be comfortable greeting them looking like I just got out of bed. Especially since most of the time, these are his guests and not mine and I barely know them.

What do you think TQC? Do you put any effort into your appearance when you have friends over?

Also do you clean up before having guests over?
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