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What is an appropriate budget for furnishing a studio apartment?
The place I'm considering is semi-furnished (It has a bed frame/box spring, microwave,  refrigerator and stove), so I will just need a futon, end table, TV and stand.

I plan on budgeting out $50 every two weeks for groceries. Since it will just be me, what are some pantry essentials that I need to pick up once I get there? I will be within walking distance of a grocery store. :)

Do you have a DSi or DSi XL? Would you recommend it to someone? I want to trade my DS Lite in for a DSi or DSi XL before I leave. I got a chance to look at a DSi XL @ Dragon*Con, and I really like them. :)

If you give out candy on Halloween, what do you normally give out?
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