meow (feeeny) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need help explaining to my friend how irrational her logic is when it comes to her asshole boyfriend. For example, a few weeks ago a group of us were out and about across the border in Ontario, about 30 mins from home.
Aforementioned friend gets a call from her boyfriend asking her to go to their apartment, pick up a video game he forgot, and bring it to him at his brothers house. After explaining to him that she was busy with us, and that it would be wayy out of her way, more so than it would be for him, he got huffy and hung up.

She then went on to say she felt BAD, like she let him down, and considered doing him the favor. This guy is a first class jerkoff. He blows up at her for little things, calls her repeatedly if she doesn't answer the first time, has shoved her around before, and is just a prick in general.

She knows this, but "loves" him. Is there any way to intervene here without risking the friendship? What would you do if this was happening to one of your good friends?

ETA: she's signing another year-long lease with him in a few weeks. dkjfndskfjhksjd
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