Caroline (persiascarecrow) wrote in thequestionclub,

i have this friend who is really overstressed and has a bunch of other stuff going on that he's worrying a lot about. he's taking 20 credits, he's the co-chair of i think 3 or 4 different clubs on campus, and he's an editor for our school newspaper. he also does some tutoring and has a part time job (he works 3-5 hours a week at it). my friend and i think he could go to counseling to help him manage his stress and anxiety but he insists he has no time and complains he'll have to describe to the counselor every little detail of his life and he'll have to discuss his problems in general (which is the whole point of counseling to begin with). money is not an issue because we go to school and we have free counseling services. he's never had any sort of therapy before. how can we show him that getting counseling may be beneficial? or should we just back off? he's also said that last year he was so stressed out that it made him feel suicidal. i'm worried if he doesn't get a handle on things something really bad will happen.
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