THE SITCHU-GAYTION (jamespanic) wrote in thequestionclub,

 What's the last dream you had that you remember? If you can be bothered, in detail :).

Do you know how to interpret dreams?

The other night I could fly with my arms. Some owls were chasing me in a forest. I flew up a tree, then my family was there.
And mum got annoyed because I had no sunscreen on. then my grandparents lived in a tree house and my family was having lunch there but I shut the fridge door too loud, making some glasses in the cupboard fall down and smash.
Then it was night and I was flying away from some evil creature.

Last night I was at the beach, sunbathing, and I remember my sister coming to join me. Then I was daydreaming about TQC "OMG INCEPTION MUCH?"


2 questions popped into my head, which I somehow posted on here whilst at the beach.

"Where would you never take your kids?" - anowyn  said the zoo o_o
"Where would you never take your credit card?"

So yeah, trippy.
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