Redefining crazy cat lady for over 30 years (southernkitten) wrote in thequestionclub,
Redefining crazy cat lady for over 30 years

At my job, we are having a Halloween contest next week. Each department is supposed to choose a theme and then decorate and dress accordingly. Last year's winning department chose the theme "Welcome to Duggarville" and they dressed up like the Duggars.

My department is in this little building within the warehouse and there's an staircase on the outside of our little building thing. So we are going to do a Heaven and Hell theme, with a stairway to heaven. Upstairs they are going to dress as angels and then downstairs we are going to be the devils. What are some creative ways of decorating? We have windows on both floors, an outside staircase and access to the outside of the windows on the first floor.

How would you choose to dress if you were going as an angel or devil? (Must be work appropriate)

Does your work or school do anything fun for Halloween?

Do you prefer carbonated beverages or non-carbonated beverages? Hot beverages or cold?
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