Lucy Davis (justcloseby) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lucy Davis

What's your take on political correctness? How politically correct do you consider yourself to be?
In my head, not at all. Out loud, reasonably. Depends on the people around me.

Do you think people these days (in general) are too quick to jump on the smallest things and cry discrimination? To pull the race card, the size card, the sexuality card?
Very much so. I think the Dr. Phils etc of the world have taught the masses that instead of making calm and rational arguments, it's much easier to blame all your problems on something about yourself you can't change. "You're picking on me because I'm gay." "It's because I'm black, isn't it?" I think people need to grow the hell up sometimes, and definitely grow thicker skins.

Do you think it's ridiculous when people get uptight and butthurt over perceived discrimination that isn't against them? (i.e, starting wank in comments etc like "You shouldn't say that - I mean, I don't care, but someone's going to be pissed that you said that.")
Yes and no, it depends on the level of butthurt. There's something to be said for solidarity and standing up for each other, but when you're jumping on an issue just because you're itching for a fight/feeling self righteous and need an outlet, it shows, and it makes you look ridiculous.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard about someone getting up in arms over?
Hard to say. ETA: Or rather remove. A piece of what I said was inflammatory, and took away from the genuine questions I was trying to ask. I wasn't trying to cause wank, and the part I removed made it look like I was, so I apologize.

Edited a couple of times for length and typos, sorry :(
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