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What's keeping you going right now? Besides the obvious like air, food water etc.
Glee and wanting to run a 6-minute mile sometime in the near future. Otherwise nothing.

What do you do while you wait for people to answer your questions that you post here?
I usually post right before I go to bed, school (like today), or do homework. That way i don't get impatient when my question isn't answered as quickly as i would like it to be. :)

Do you make your own icons, e.g. draw or shop them, or do you gank them from other people?
I draw mine on m.s. paint.

How old is your mp3 player and what condition is it in? Do you have more than one? What kind is it?
I have two iPods and they're both mildly broken. They have sucky battery life and they have this problem where if I plug the headphone jack all the way in I only hear the left channel. But if I keep it only plugged in halfway I can hear both channels, but it's kinda echo-y. They were both made in '05.

What do you normally like to eat for breakfast before you have to go to work/class/school?
Nothing, unless I worked out the day before and then it's just a cup of off-brand captain crunch and a bowl of coffee.

What about lunch?
Sandwich (meat-and-cheese, PBJ, jeally-and-cream cheese, nutella samsmich, all kinds.), some sort of sweet, chips or something else salty, and Dr. Pepper. :)

DK;DC: Do you stay on top of internet memes?
I'm usually a couple months behind, unfortunately. :/
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