goodluckchi (goodluckchi) wrote in thequestionclub,

How to comfort emotional ones

My coworker is crying. She's stressed out and emotional and she often cries in my office.
My coworker is pregnant and she is near to her due date, I don't think being all stressed and emotional would do her any good, so...
I feel the urge to comfort her a little bit  but don't know how to, honestly.
I know most of the time when I'm crying I don't want anybody to step in and comfort me at all because I just want to be left alone. So I think maybe I'm gonna wait ''til she's done with crying. Means while I want to do something to comfort her afterward, well, for the sake of making her feel better or bright her day up, etc... Any suggestion?
Excuse me if my sentences don't make sense enough since English is not my first language.
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