ellafont (ellafont) wrote in thequestionclub,

Another iPod question...

About two months ago my computer crashed, so my entire iTunes library was wiped out, but about 95% of it was on my iPod already. So when my computer was back up and running I just went to the iTunes website and downloaded iTunes 6 again and start rebuilding my library (only about half of which I could replace with the cds I own...most was borrowed or illegally downloaded).

Anyway, so now I cannot get my iPod to update! I have unchecked everything I don't want to go on my iPod and have chosen "update manually" and everything. Absolutely nothing happens (although the iPod says "do not disconnect" like usual). The closest I've come to updating successfully was when I chose "update automatically" and chose just the playlists I wanted to update, it came up with a message that said "This iPod is associated with another music library. Do you want to replace all songs on the iPod with the songs in this library?" which I don't really want to do.

Is there any way I can get my iPod to update so that I can continue putting music on it without replacing it with what I have now (only about a quarter of what's on my iPod right now)?
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