Just Call Me Art (arthurbulla) wrote in thequestionclub,
Just Call Me Art

What do you have decorating your room?

I've got an old white cross that my parents gave me when I was a baby hanging from the ceiling directly over (riding, you could say) a butterfly model from a vacation a year ago. I've got the trophy corner on one side, with a ceramic snake slithering among there (made a month or so ago with some friends) and a poster for a school project that another friend did in 8th grade. On a shelf I've got a model (sketch?) figurine, some old bead things, a bunch of cards, a Homecoming bid, some clay school models, some mugs, a dipping bird, and two little glass bubbles.

I've got letters from a friend on the walls, as well as the graduation program from my 8th grade, a picture of a school trip to DC, a wolf poster, and an Einstein poster.

I've also got a set of four animals around my room that each have a rubber frog to accompany them, and a small obelisk next to my bed with its own frog. The ends (fin on a dolphin and tail on an eagle) keep breaking, though. :P

Of course, there's a bunch of other even smaller things, but then the list just gets long and even more boring. :)

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