Trixie Blue (feed_the_monkey) wrote in thequestionclub,
Trixie Blue

TQC, I got absolutely schwasted last night.  Hammered.  Schnookered.  I apparently decided it would be a good idea to text my former "flame" and current "boss" and get him to right his wrongs.  I also told him to "check [him]self before [he] wreck[s] [his]self."

What should I say now that I'm sober to bring some levity to the situation and tell him I don't usually get that aggressive when I'm drunk?

I have a massive hangover.  What should I do?

(P.S. I posted yesterday about the death of a friend of mine.  I ended up going out with another friend who talked to me about it, let me cry on him, and drove me home when I got drunk.  I felt a lot better.)

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