little cauliflower (xmorningxrosex) wrote in thequestionclub,
little cauliflower

fine jewelry

for those of you who have/like fine jewelry (note: fine jewelry = real gemstones, precious metals, etc.  Not stuff you get for $10 at Claires or whatever). 

1.  Favorite gemstones?
2.  Do you have loyalty to your birthstone*?
3.  Do you care if gems are natural vs. lab-created?
4.  For those of you who don't like diamonds for ethical reasons, do you get white sapphires, CZ, or something else instead?**
5.  Metals:  do you wear gold (white, yellow, or what?), sterling silver, platinum, a combination, all of the above? 
6.  Do you like getting jewelry as gifts, or prefer to pick stuff out yourself?
7.  How often do you wear your fine stuff?
8.  If you feel like it, what do you have? 

*ie. My stone is golden topaz/citrine, and I have several pieces with that stone, but I hate it. 

if you google "conflict diamonds" or "blood diamonds" you can find more if you're interested.
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