Jenn Van Den Boom (gracilejenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jenn Van Den Boom

My husband is deploying in a matter of days. I won't see him for a year to 15 months, because he's choosing to skip his R&R.

He is staying at a friends' house tonight to drink and watch football. Normally I wouldn't care, but he's leaving in just a few days. I want to spend time with him.

Do I have any right to be as pissed as I am? I don't think so. I feel like I'm being a special snowflake. But that doesn't stop me from thinking he should be here.

Ugh...TQC, would you be angry if your SO spent the night somewhere else instead of with you right before they left for an extended period of time?

Alternately, I suddenly have a free evening. What should I do? I may try to mangle some more yarn with my poor knitting skills. I already baked a cake.

EDIT: I just wanted to say thanks! I wasn't looking at it like that, like he would need to see his friends too. I had tunnel vision and hurt feelings. So I feel much better now. I'm sure we'll do something before he goes, we always do. And he does need to just have some guy time.

Thanks for giving me a different perspective.
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