Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

So on our walk back from the park today, we decided to stop at our neighborhood toy store. It's a sweet little shop filled to the BRIM with awesome toys and books. There is a whole little gazebo indoors that has a fully decked out Thomas railway and also a large area with a medieval castle and all its accoutrements for kids to sit and play with while parents shop.

My older son picked out a little ladybug music box and we picked up a small pteranodon interactive figure for my littler guy. Our total was 38 bucks. Not cheap.

I went home and looked up both items on amazon. Total, 27.50.

I knew the brick and mortar would be more expensive, I would just surprised it was that much more.

Would you return the items to the store and order them from amazon? (We belong to Prime, so shipping charges are not an issue.)

I like to patronize small independent shops when/if I can, because that's how I would like our neighborhood to be, small cute, shops with personalized service. But where do I draw the line?

Do you ever have this battle? Finding something you want/need in a small shop, but know that you can get it online for substantially cheaper.

What do YOU do in this situation?
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