Moi (copper_1) wrote in thequestionclub,

Outlet fire?

Something strange happened yesterday with one of our kitchen outlets.    It is one of those ones with the reset and test buttons on it and it randomly turned itself off.   Plugged into it was a light on a timer and we decided to investigate why the light didn't turn on and found that the outlet had no power.
The weird part is that on the cover of the outlet was soot, like there had been a mini fire or something like that, but there was no soot on anything else, not even the prongs/ plug that was plugged into the outlet.   Just soot ON the outside of the outlet which was easy to wipe off.   If there had been a fire, there was very little evidence, but we have no idea where else the soot would have come from.
A fire would have melted the timer and burned the plug too, but there was no damage of any sort that we could see.   

TQC,  why did our kitchen outlet turn itself off yesteday and why was there soot on it but no other evidence of a fire?  Was there a fire?

To be safe we are no longer using that outlet and my mother said that she would e-mail the electrician and ask him about it too.     
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