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Sushi and Sleep.

Hey! Inspired by the unagi icon of the person who last posted-
1. How many kinds of sushi are there?
2. How many of them have cool names? (I, uh, want to start a Sims 2 legacy family and name everyone after sushi...)

Inspired by, um, it being 6 am:
3. Should I go to sleep or try to stay up until a decent time tomorrow night? Er, tonight - it being 6 AM.
4. Have you ever stayed up so late you started to hallucinate?
5. Have you ever hallucinated, period?

4. Not exactly. I saw little spiders out of the corner of my eyes after being up for a day and a half, but I'm not sure if I was hallucinating or if I was just seeing my eye floaters and getting jumpy. I've also had WEIRD thoughts - it was like I was being translated by babelfish.
5. Yes. I had a really high fever and I thought there were floating zombie heads laughing at me. I got up and went to get my mother, but by the time I got to her room they were gone, so I fell asleep on the rug and she tripped over me in the morning.
I also hallucinated that time was moving super slowly, and there were numbers in the window. I blinked, the numbers collapsed, and I thought I'd ended the world. See, one of the numbers represented Germany, and since I'd destroyed it and therefore a whole COUNTRY, the rest of the world had to be close behind.
And sometimes I wake up and see spiders crawling across the bed for a few seconds. Then I can never be sure if they're real or if I was dreaming, so I have to take the bed apart...
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