Pip (beetle_breath) wrote in thequestionclub,

I went to an estate sale today and bought a sewing box with a bunch of thread & other odds and ends. In it was this thing...

This is is actually upside down, but yeah.

You squeeze it? For some reason?

This part moves left to right when you squeeze it

It says "Dexter Sewing Company, Co. Patent No. 2.928.363" on the side, but Googling that doesn't yield much. The "Turn a Stitch" part (the whole thing, not just the nameplate) you can twist on and off.

Any ideas? Or a better place to be asking?

Well that was easier than I was expecting.

At this estate sale, they were also selling an oak chest of drawers for $150. If it's still there tomorrow, it'll (hopefully) be $70. (The woman said that tomorrow, everything would be half off since they apparently really need to get rid of this stuff)

Should I go and see if it's still there?

The pros:
• it's a max $150 for a solid oak chest of drawers
• it's in really good condition
• when I move, I'll need a chest of drawers (I gave my cheap Ikea thing to a friend)
• It'll match the rest of our furniture

The cons:
• I'd have to rent a truck to move it
• I'll be home alone tomorrow until 1, so I'll have no one to help me move it
• It's still $70-$150
• Space is kind of cramped here
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