one life to live (hotcouturewhite) wrote in thequestionclub,
one life to live

All right so I'm applying to colleges, etc. I told Fordham University that I intend(ed) on majoring in theater, so I'm supposed to audition next month. I...don't think I want to major in that anymore. I'm thinking of psychology or even business now. I applied early action, so the only thing holding up my acceptance/rejection is the audition. So... should I call and cancel the audition so I can find out if they accepted me or not now, or should I just go through with it anyway?

I really like to act, but I just don't think I'm up to majoring in theater. I dislike acting classes. If I go to college in NY, I'd like to be auditioning everywhere and see what happens. BUT, if I major in theater, I'm tied to the college's program and can't audition elsewhere due to the fact that there are only so many hours in a day! If I don't major in theater, I can get out there and/or just be in the plays at school. I really love psychology anyway, AND I like all the work involved there, as opposed the all the methods that make up acting classes. Hmm... those are the details... thanks for any advice.
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