Giovana (giovanna_br) wrote in thequestionclub,

My friend keeps talking with my crush?

Ok so I'm kinda shy when it comes to talking with my I told my friend that I like "him" and so she's like I can't stand him he's so dumb and all this stuff but then she said we have to talk to him and so I didn't want to so now she talks with him and they gave eachother their numbers!! And she's all telling me that they talked and texted and they shared food and that he's not so bad afterall and she don't even talk to him about me? But she tells me that she don't like him? But she keeps going up to him and talking about diff stuff...I'm so upset and angry and jealous tbqh! And idk what to tell her? Cu it is my fault for not talking with him (well I've spoken to him but not ALOT).. So what should I tell her? Should I say stop talking with him I don't want her help? Or find someone else and NOT TELL her? Please help!
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