Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi TQC, give me some advice!

I live in a tiny apartment building with a parking lot out behind it in an alleyway (the building is 6 apartments, so this is ok for 6 cars). We share this alleyway with several other houses in the area, all with their own garages/no blockages. Despite the fact that only one car can really go through this alleyway at one time, ive never had an issue in the three years ive lived here.

Lately, a van has been parking along the alleyway close to the exit. My car is rather small, so i have been able to squeeze by him, but this morning he was over so far that when i tried to exit, i knocked over a houses large garbage can with my side mirror (keeping the garbage can in the location it was in is mandatory in my city-and i did clean it up). It was not an unreasonable place for a garbage can, either, its just along the side of a persons house.

I am pretty peeved this dude is suddenly parking this car here, but hes not located on my apartment buildings property so im not really sure what i can do if it continues.


TL;DR-Can you recommend a good documentary to me?
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