baaangarang (baaangarang) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do your pets bother you while you're on your computer? (bother as in walk across your keyboard, jump all over you, etc.) 
Tell me about it. Or tell me about annoying things your pets do in general. 

My cat jumps all over my keyboard and plays peek-a-boo behind the screen if I'm sitting at a table. :| He also jumps all over my lap and blocks my view of the screen pretty often. 

And a totally non-related question about relationships after the cut, if you're interested.

So, from August to November of '08, I kind of had a thing going on with this guy, Devin. We slept together twice but never intended on dating, I felt horrible, stopped talking to him regularly, etc. We have a mutual friend, Daniella, who works with this girl, Brie. Devin added Brie on Facebook, and Daniella messaged me like, "Oh isn't that weird? They've never met, etc. But they'd make a good couple!" so I asked Devin if he was interested, and Daniella talked to Brie, and we set them up.

They went to the zoo yesterday, and last night while I was with my boyfriend, Devin texted me saying the date went really well. My boyfriend was like, "Devin, the guy you had a thing with before your ex?" and I confirmed that, and now my boyfriend is super upset and I don't know what to do.

He doesn't want me talking to Devin, which I don't blame him for, and I apologized for speaking to Devin, and also offered to not speak to Devin. I explained the circumstances, and said I should have considered how he would feel before contacting Devin. But I didn't even KNOW my boyfriend when Devin and I hooked up, and it's frustrating that my boyfriend is holding something against me that I 1) told him about, and 2) did a year before I even met him.

So, TQC, what should I do? How can I handle this? My boyfriend has requested a day or two to himself so that he can kind of get over it. He hasn't said anything about my offer of not talking to Devin, but it's been over a day now and he's still mad. ): Halp.  
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