Emmett (lunasol) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time you had something happen to you that should have been bad, but was actually good?

For a brief, unfortunate period i lost my itouch, i left it in the breakroom at work. My mom was upset, but i really was actually kind of happy about it because it has a few bugs that make it downright frustrating to use at times, and i was looking for an excuse to get a Zune or something. Unfortunately like, 45 minutes later work called back and told me they had found it and it was just sitting in a locked manager's office. Hate to sound ungrateful, but i was actually kind of sad.

I wanted to post this question to TQC earlier but unfortunately i couldn't get the internet on my phone to work, so even though this is waaay to late: Pretend i'm standing in front of a couple vending machines and i can't decide what drink to get. Should i get: orange juice, cherry cola, mountain dew, or iced tea (possibly peach flavor, i couldn't tell)?
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