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Does anyone here read World High School? (Yes, I did an interest search first)

Who's your favorite character?
Favorite canon and noncanon couple?
Once a month really isn't enough, is it?
Is your religion/nonreligion represented there?

My answers:
It's a draw between Lao Tze and Siddhartha. They're both adorable.
My favorite canon couple is Lao Tze/Amaterasu, and my noncanon is Moses/Jesus. I keep getting this mental image of them going at it and reintroducing their names with their religions as 'Liberal Judaism' and 'Liberal Christianity.' I have the dirty mind of a fangirl.
No. No, it's not. But I'm willing to wait that long because I heart it.
Yep! Yay Lao Tze. It literally gasped when I saw him, since almost all the time in religious polls I have to mark 'other.'
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