=^..^= (heycat) wrote in thequestionclub,

Using sick leave

If you call in sick to work, are you required [by law] to state what your illness is to your employer? Do they have a right to know why you need to see a doctor?

In my previous workplace they used to tell us not to disclose specific information about our illness, and need to say no more than "I'm sick, not coming in today." I assumed there was some privacy law or something. However, at my current job, they want to know exactly why I need to go to the doctor which I feel is really is none of their business, and the reason I'm seeing the doctor can be embarassing at times (i.e. gynecologist visits, etc." I understand that they want to validate I'm really sick, but I don't want to mention I need treatment for my vagina or whatever (this is an example). Or what if I had cancer and I wasn't ready to talk about it but I needed treatment, would I really need to tell the employer that I have cancer?

Do they have a right to know, and do I need to disclose that information? I thought medical information and records were supposed to be private, but I'm not sure.
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