Amy (andhowever) wrote in thequestionclub,

Say you're interested in someone who knows you vaguely, and who you don't see often. You'd like to talk to this person, but this person is never going to initiate a conversation with you so you've got to do it. What are some good conversational gambits that don't sound too 'Hey omg I'm into you!'? And no, 'Hey, what's up?' is not going to work. First of all, I can't say it without sounding stupid. It's just a thing I have. Also, it assumes a level of familiarity that doesn't really exist.

*sigh* I'm a loser. Thanks for the help.

Also: what are some of the harshest communities you've seen?

I'd say brutal_honesty, debunkingwhite, and ohnotheydidnt.

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