Miyyu (miyyu) wrote in thequestionclub,

chlorine in pools

I've started swimming again for exercise. I'm worried about the effects of the chlorine, specifically on my hair. I paid a lot of money for a nice cut and a perm and my hair looks the best it ever has, and I'd like to keep it that way. I've been swimming with a swim cap, but the tip of my pony tail under the cap still gets wet, though not soaking wet. Should I wash my hair after swimming to get the chlorine out, or should I just let it dry and go to bed and wash it the next day? I wash my hair every morning no matter what. Which is worse - chlorine or more frequent washings?

I also worry about how it could affect my jewelry. I own very little jewelry because of skin allergies and I am paranoid locking my wedding/engagement rings in my locker (though to be fair I have no concrete reasons to think they would be stolen), so I've been wearing them in the pool. But is the chlorine bad for them too?
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