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Colour Association!

Input for a piece of artwork I'm currently working on. I need a colour (that cannot be black, red or any dark colour - so light colours and white are fine) to associate with each of these groupings of countries. I have my own colours I associate, but I'd like to hear your ideas.

So, can you please tell me what colour first comes to mind (taking into account criteria above), when you see these country groupings? Having each group a different colour would be preferred.

And also - what are my reasons for grouping the countries like this? Curious if anyone knows offhand.

Onto the groups... remember, groups, not each country individually.

1. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

2. United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland

3. Greece

4. Spain, Portugal

5. Sweden, Austria, Finland

6. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Malta, Cyprus


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