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I would post this in one the Apple communities but I never know wether to post something in macosx or ibook or another Apple community so I'm posting it here. There's bound to be someone here who knows something about iBooks or can tell me what community to post to.
And it's behind a cut for people who do not care.

1) It was making this clicking noise and programmes kept freezing. Mainly VLC and Firefox, especially if they were both open at the same time.
At one point earlier this evening it kept making these clicking sounds as well as freezing up and the rainbow wheel thingy kept turning. Force Quit didn't really work - it actually froze itself. So I turned it off. Then about an hour later I went back and turned it on and it started making this hell noise. It was a really loud buzzing sound with the clicking sound still going through. It started up but stopped at the blue screen with the spinning wheel - I left it like that for about 10 minutes and it didn't do anything so I turned it off again and then turned it back on again.
Now it seems like it's working but anyone know what that could be? If there's anything wrong would it, it would have to go to Ireland and then it's gone for a few weeks which is annoying.
My harddrive died last year but I don't remember if there was this clicking sound when that happened. I think it just kind of suddenly wouldn't switch on anymore.

2) Is it bad to leave it on when you aren't using it? I don't mean just for a half an hour or so but a few hours or even over night. I kind of leave it on at all times.

3) This is probably a really stupid question and I'm only asking because my mother's convinced it's like this but does leaving the computer on and plugged in use a lot of electricity. So, how much electricity would it use?

It's an iBook 10.3.9.

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