b♥pp (b0pp) wrote in thequestionclub,

Choose my ringtone...

I use a different "general" ringtone every month or so, and if I can, I try to theme it with the month.

Will you please give me some ideas for things I can use? I'm not asking for links or files, just ideas.

Here are some examples of ones I already use:

  • Angel theme

  • FF7 vicitory theme

  • Halloween theme

  • If I only Had a Brain - Wizard of Oz

  • Mahna Mahna Song - Muppets

  • Mario Brothers

  • We are Siamese - Lady and the Tramp

  • Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies (my December ring)

  • Under the Sea - Little Mermaid

  • Cecelia - S & G

  • Berserk themes (anime)


EDIT: Please don't choose one of the ones listed above, these are ones I already have a use for certain people. I just wanted new ideas for songs to use.

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