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Help me find a comic.

I'm looking for something that I'm pretty sure I saw online. It was a comic, maybe a page to a few pages long, about a little astronaut.
It was pretty sad, and drawn in a sort of 'Perry Bible Fellowship' style, I think. I remember the people looking a lot like the little blobby people in those comics (but it's not one of theirs, I checked)

It started out with this female astronaut drifting away from a small rocketship she was trying to repair, while a male astronaut, who may have been specifically stated as her boyfriend, is still on the ship.
She drifts for a while and finally lands on this small planet made of cheese(?). Her boyfriend is there, sitting on the landed/crashed spaceship. They hug and she says 'I thought I was going to die!' then he says 'You did.'
And the final panel is a cut back to her, in her spacesuit, floating in space with her eyes shut, dead.

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