little cauliflower (xmorningxrosex) wrote in thequestionclub,
little cauliflower

Jobhunting and moving

I'll be graduating from grad school for social work in May.  My bf and I would like to move to north CA or Portland area at the end of May.  Where we move to depends on where I can find a job.  So I'd like to line up a job first, so then we can determine where to move and arrange all that BEFORE we get out there. 

I've looked around online and found some places that seem like they'd be cool to work at, however, I'm not sure how to best apply - mail a cover letter explaining things and a resume (if so, how early should I do this?), or call and explain and ask about future employment opps (is doing it now too early if I'm not moving til May?), etc.  It's social work, so a lot of smaller orgs won't have an HR department to contact, and I don't just want to call and be referred by the receptionist to look at their ads on their website, because most ads won't tell me the application process this early.  Any advice?

Who's done something like this before?  How much in advance did you start jobhunting?  Did you get offers before you moved, even if you hadn't toured the place/done a face-to-face interview?  If you waited til you moved to start jobhunting, how long did it take you and was it difficult to get hired? 
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