ali (tonightwefly) wrote in thequestionclub,


I recently bought an ipod i brought it home and installed the itunes software and pluged my ipod to my computer, it was like my computer did not recognize that the ipod wa even there. It also said things like my ipod software was not up to date so i downloaded the updater and it still said it was not up to date. I went to my dads office and tried to do it there but the same thing happened. I took the ipod to the guys at best buy and they couldnt find anything wrong with it so i brought it home but the same problem continued. I exchanged it for a new one last night and uninstalled the first itunes and installed the new one but when i went to plug in my ipod it still did not recognize it. Again i downloaded the updated ipod version, this time "ali's ipod" came up for about 5 seconds then disapeared. Im not sure what i did but i did alot more downloading and registering and all that stuff and each time "ali's ipod" would come up but always dissapear and alot of the time my computer would jsut shut off. I am soo sad about my whole situation, all i want is for the stupid thing to work. Please tell me waht i sould do.
Thank You
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