Ilona (kittenbabe) wrote in thequestionclub,

What's the fastest that one of your relationships progressed? Did it work out well?

I've been dating a guy since October and we've been officially a couple for exactly a month today. We're moving in together next month. Mostly it's because it's convenient. I need a roomate and he lives in a tiny apartment with 2 other guys and always complains about how cramped it is. We live two houses down from each other and have already been spending all of our free time together (except for classes and work) for the last few weeks, so it's kinda like we live together already. Except now our stuff will be in the same place as well.

Do you think this is a horrible idea? I know that if one of my friends told me she was moving in with a guy she's been only dating for a month I'd try to convince her otherwise.

I've never lived with anyone I was romantically involved with, before. Any tips?
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