The Renegade Who Had It Made (jukebox_hero) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Renegade Who Had It Made

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Two random questions today.

1. For people who have made long distance moves: How long of a time period did you leave in between the time you quit your job (when you actually stopped working, not just when you gave your notice) and the time you moved? I don't want to shortchange myself on either money or time, and I have no idea what kind of time period to leave in there.

2. I recently had an ugly bout of listeria (horrible begging-for-death form of food poisoning), and it's left me afraid to eat anything other than crackers or dry cereal. I know that I ate meat and cheese and all that good stuff every day and only got sick that one time from it, but I'm still afraid of getting it again. I feel like if the food itself doesn't make me sick, the anxiety surrounding it will. I have no interest whatsoever in going can I make myself eat these foods again?
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