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Curves and the Pumpkins

Have any of you ladies here ever been a Curves member? Some one gave me a certificate for a free month (I was complaining about wanting to lose weight so please no 'what a rude gift!' thoughts, lol) and I went in tonight to find out more about their program. I am set to begin Thursday, but need help deciding if I want to sign up when it's over. Obviously I will have a better idea when I am closer to completing the time there - but I wanted to know how it worked for others. I asked the lady giving me the tour an average amount of weight and/or inches members tend to lose in a month, but she said there was so many variables it was hard to tell. :/ So if any of you who have gone would like to volunteer any info like that, I would appreciate it as well. Also, if you were a member, did you sign up for the nutrition classes and if so what did you think about them? If I sign up for that, I have to decide sooner, but save a little money if I decide to join. Any and all information about the whole thing is greatly appreciated. :D (please don't send me thoughts about Curves as a company, just thoughts on your experiances with going there)

And something everyone can answer, so no one feels left out! What's your favourite Smashing Pumpkins song, if you have one? Mine is Thirty-Three. And Beautiful, because my husband once sent me the lyrics, saying it must have been written about me. :D
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