L'esprit de l'escalier (plaidpoptart) wrote in thequestionclub,
L'esprit de l'escalier

So I worked a 16-hour day after only three hours of sleep. (In my defense, I wasn't PLANNING on working that long. I went to bed, got called in to work a co-manager's shift who was sick, and then my shift straight after.)

So yeah. 16 hours of work with 3 hours of sleep with no breaks, no sitting down, and also doing the drive-thru window without a sweater (I get hold and cold like a menopausal woman!) has given me this beautiful, nasty cold.

I don't get to call in sick - I still have to work. I'm just a little concerned, though...

I was taking a shower, trying to ease my aching body and also clear my nose. I hawked a lugee in the shower and I noticed there was blood in it. Would that be blood from my nose (maybe from an old bloody nose?) or would that be blood from my throat? Does this warrant seeing a doctor?

Thanks :D
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